Updated MacBook Air Drivers for RHEL 7.2

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Sat 21 November 2015

Yesterday I've upgraded to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 on my MacBook Air and I decided to rebuild the wifi and backlight drivers. Wifi broke immediately but I was able to fix the build with a simple patch. I'm now using the newly built kmod-wl-3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64- and it appears to work as expected.

The mba6x_bl driver built without problems however I'm having problems when closing the laptop lid. The screen stays on and (I think) the computer doesn't suspend. My battery was drained as I left the computer as-is overnight. Suspending from the Desktop menu however appears to work. See Issue #41. I'd love to get some help in debugging what's going wrong and trying to fix it. At this point I have no idea where to look and if it's the driver to blame or something else on the system.

UPDATE 2015-11-25: After the upgrade to RHEL 7.2 I also started seeing rhbz#1284851 - Mate power manager doesn't detect AC/DC changes on MacBook Air with RHEL 7.2

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