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Projects and Affiliations

I am working on several projects and I’m usually affiliated with more than one organization at any given time. This list contains my current projects and some of the more interesting previous ones.



Difio is my latest venture. This is a service targeted at developers who use open source packages and libraries. Difio keeps track of application dependencies and tells you when they change. It lets you inspect the changes and make informed decision when or what to upgrade because even if an application works, any change in its libraries or the versions of those libraries can break the application.

Shoes 41 Plus


Shoes 41 Plus is niche oriented business selling ladies shoes with sizes EU 41 and up, which are very hard to find in Bulgaria. This is driven by my spouse while I provide some tech support.

Open Technologies Bulgaria


Open Technologies Bulgaria, Ltd is a company I founded in 2009 which mainly does open source consulting for some local clients and QA services to Red Hat, Inc. It’s also an authorized Red Hat re-seller in Bulgaria.

Red Hat


Red Hat, Inc. is the largest enterprise Linux vendor as you probably know. I used to work for them as an employee and still continue to do so as a contractor. My main responsibility is making sure Red Hat Enterprise Linux (and some other products) get to customers without too many bugs and behave as quality software. I’m highly biased towards all Red Hat products but a) they didn’t fail me once and b) I know how much hard work is done into making these products kick ass.

One Laptop Per Child Bulgarian Chapter

OLPC was a project to build an entirely new laptop device and software for the children in developing countries. I was a co-founder of the Bulgarian chapter of this project. While the upstream project delivered a hardware and a software platform it failed rather miserably. Our local chapter didn’t get much support and gradually ceased operations.