django-social-auth tip: Reminder of Login Provider

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Thu 14 March 2013

Every now and then users forget their passwords. This is why I prefer using OAuth and social network accounts like GitHub or Twitter. But what do you do when somebody forgets which OAuth provider they used to login to your site? Your website needs a reminder. This is how to implement one if using django-social-auth.


Create a similar view on your Django back-end

def ajax_social_auth_provider_reminder(request):
        Remind the user which social auth provider they used to login.
    if not request.POST:
        return HttpResponse("Not a POST", mimetype='text/plain', status=403)

    email = request.POST.get('email', "")
    email = email.strip()
    if not email or (email.find("@") == -1):
        return HttpResponse("Invalid address!", mimetype='text/plain', status=400)

        user = User.objects.filter(email=email, is_active=True).only('pk')[0]
        return HttpResponse("No user with address '%s' found!" % email, mimetype='text/plain', status=400)

    providers = []
    for sa in UserSocialAuth.objects.filter('provider'):

    if len(providers) > 0:
            from_email='Difio <>',
            context={'providers' : providers},
        return HttpResponse("Reminder sent to '%s'" % email, mimetype='text/plain', status=200)
        return HttpResponse("User found but no social providers found!", mimetype='text/plain', status=400)

This example assumes it is called via POST request which contains the email address. All responses are handled at the front-end via JavaScript. If a user with the specified email address exists this address will receive a reminder listing all social auth providers associated with the user account.


On the browser side I like to use Dojo. Here is a simple script which connects to a form and POSTs the data back to the server.


function sendReminderForm(){
    var form = dojo.byId("reminderForm");

    dojo.connect(form, "onsubmit", function(event){
        var xhrArgs = {
            form: form,
            handleAs: "text",
            load: function(data){alert(data);},
            error: function(error, ioargs){alert(ioargs.xhr.responseText);}
        var deferred = dojo.xhrPost(xhrArgs);

You can try this out at Difio and let me know how it works for you!

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