Red Hat's Bugzilla Hits One Million Bugs

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Fri 23 August 2013

"RHBZ 1 million"

Red Hat's Bugzilla passed the 1 million bugs milestone yesterday! RHBZ #1000000 has been filed by Anton Arapov, a kernel engineer and a very nice guy (I know him btw). I've filed several bugs yesterday but the last one was #999941. A bit too short!

To celebrate this event I dare you to pick some bugs from Bugzilla that you find interesting or frustrating and I will try to analyze and explain them from a QA engineer's point of view. Since I've reported over 1000 bugs and been involved in another close to 5000 I think I will be able to answer almost any question.

Challenge accepted!

tags: RHEL, QA

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