Fedora 20 Virtualization Test Day Post-mortem

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Tue 08 October 2013

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Here is a quick summary of the first Fedora Test Day in Sofia I hosted at init Lab today.

Attendance was quite poor, actually nobody else except me participated but almost nobody else visited the hackespace as well. I get that it is a working day and Test Days conflict with regular business hours but this is not going to change anyway. On the other hand where were all the freelancers and non-office job workers who usually hang around in the Lab? I have no idea!

On IRC there was much better activity, 5 or 6 people were testing across Asia, Europe and USA time zones. You can see the test results here. I've started filing quite a few bugs in the morning and continued well into the afternoon. I've managed to file a total of 10 bugs. Some of them were not related to virtualization and some of them turned out to be duplicates or not a bug. I even managed to file 2 duplicate bugs which likely have the same root cause myself :).

I've also experienced two bugs filed by other people: RHBZ #967371 for MATE desktop and RHBZ #1015636 for virt-manager's Save/Restore functionality.

I've tried ARM on x86_64 but that didn't get anywhere near a running system. I will make another post about ARM and what I've discovered there.

The one thing I liked is the test results application. It is not what I'm used to when dealing with RHEL, has far less features but is very fast and easy to use and suits the Test Days participants just fine. And is definitely much easier to use compared to filing results in the wiki.

Overall Fedora 20 virtualization status according to me is pretty good.

I hope to see more attendance on Thursday when we're going to test GNOME 3.10.

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