Upstream Test Suite Status of Fedora 20

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Tue 24 December 2013

Last week I've expressed my thoughts about the state of upstream test suites in Fedora along with some other ideas. Following the response on this thread I'm starting to analyze all SRPM packages in Fedora 20 in order to establish a baseline. Here are my initial findings.

What's Inside

I've found two source distributions for Fedora 20:

  • The Fedora-20-source-DVD.iso file which to my knowledge contains the sources of all packages that comprise the installation media;
  • The Everything/source/SRPMS/ directory which appears to contain the sources of everything else available in the Fedora 20 repositories.

There are 2574 SRPM packages in Fedora-20 source DVD and 14364 SRPMs in the Everything/ directory. 9,2G vs. 41G.

Test Suite Execution In %check

Fedora Packaging Guidelines state

If the source code of the package provides a test suite, it should be executed in the %check section, whenever it is practical to do so.

In my research I found 738 SRPMs on the DVD which have a %check section and 4838 such packages under Everything/. This is 28,6% and 33,6% respectively.

Test Suite Existence

A quick grep for either test/ or tests/ directories in the package sources revealed 870 SRPM packages in the source DVD which are very likely to have a test suite. This is 33,8%. I wasn't able to inspect the Everything/ directory with this script because it takes too long to execute and my system crashed out of memory. I will update this post later with that info.

UPDATE 2014-01-02: In the Everything/ directory only 4481 (31,2%) SRPM packages appear to have test suites.

The scripts and raw output are available at

So it looks like on average 30% of the packages execute their test suites at build time in the %check section and less than 35% have test suites at all! There's definitely room for improvement and I plan to focus on this during 2014!

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