Bulgaria Web Summit Report

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Mon 02 June 2014

Last week ended up with Bulgaria Web Summit. The event was very big this year, with 4 halls and 600 visitors. I was moderating the so called JavaScript hall and will concentrate on what happened there.

BGWS Rhodopi Hall at 10:00 This is what my hall looked like at around 10:00 and stayed pretty much the same during the entire day.

Speakers at hall Rhodopi were (in order of appearance)

  • Delian Delchev talking about the JavaScript revolution taking over the world and how this language has become the most widely used programming language in the world.
  • Haralan Dobrev with some tips about development workflows, git, continuous integration and unit testing.
  • Yoga for Geeks during the lunch break.
  • Boyan Dzhumakov with topics about home automation and Internet of things, who demonstrated his bed side lamp controlled via a light sensor and Arduino.
  • Neven Boyanov continuing on the hardware topics with comparison of ATmel, Arduino and Raspberry Pi and showing more examples of small programmable devices.
  • Angel Todorov from Infragistics with a very interesting talk about JavaScript instrumentation for performance analysis. A very cool presentation and you should definitely check out his cheetah.js framework.
  • Krasimir Tsonev with AbsurdJS - a JavaScript library with superpowers. Teaser: Krasimir is also publishing a book caled Node.js Blueprints.
  • Vasil Kolev with a talk about security and web service design and how most of the web is doing it wrong :).

Unfortunately there is no video or audio recording available. If you find some of the talks interesting and would like to get more info about it let me know. I will ask the presenters to share their slides or give more details where possible.

Don't worry if you've missed the Web Summit in Sofia. There will be another one in the autumn, held at Veliko Tarnovo. For more info please subscribe to the newsletter.

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