Compiling Broadcom wl-kmod WiFi Driver for RHEL 7

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Mon 27 April 2015

After I got my MacBook Air installed with RHEL 7.1 the first priority was getting wireless working. First check if your device isn't already supported upstream. Mine isn't

14e4:43a0: Broadcom Corporation BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (rev 03)

Next grab the src.rpm files necessary to build the wl driver from RPM Fusion. For akmods-0.5.2-1.fc21.src.rpm, broadcom-wl-, kmodtool-1-23.fc20.src.rpm just execute rpmbuild --rebuild against each file and install kmodtool and akmods.

Then you need two more files buildsys-build-rpmfusion and wl-kmod. The first one is a helper tool containing list of recent kernels to build against, the later one is the driver source itself. Both needed minor modifications before building on RHEL 7.

I've created my own buildsys-build-rpmfusion package listing the current kernels for RHEL 7.1. For wl-kmod I've introduced a patch which modifies the other patches in the package so it builds correctly on 7.1.

Note: I don't know if there's a define which can be used to detect if we're building on RHEL (maybe I can define my own) but direct kernel version number comparison doesn't work here because Red Hat backports chosen functionality from more recent kernels without changing the version number. This approach may not be the best one but I've tried to keep it clean for easier maintenance in the future and it got me started very quickly.

Build the modified buildsys-build-rpmfusion and:

yum install buildsys-build-rpmfusion-7-1.x86_64.rpm buildsys-build-rpmfusion-kerneldevpkgs-current-7-1.x86_64.rpm

Build the wl-kmod package and:

yum install akmod-wl- broadcom-wl- kmod-wl-3.10.0-229.el7.x86_64- kmod-wl-

If necessary re-create your initramfs image to include wl.ko.

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