Open Data Event Coming to Sofia

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Wed 01 July 2015

Open Data and Intelligent Government is the name of upcoming event organized by Sofia Tech Park on July 14th.

The (preliminary) topics for this event are:

  • Government vision for opening data;
  • Presentation of national platform for open data;
  • Legal aspects of open data;
  • Presentation of Bulgarian open data portal;
  • Europe and open data;
  • Open, coordinated e-government for citizens and business;
  • What has already been done by municipalities in Bulgaria;
  • Strategy of Sofia municipality for open data;
  • Upcoming open data programming contest organized by Sofia municipality.

I will also be participating in this event by covering two topics I'm close to:

  • Entrepreneurship and open data - sharing my limited experience with Difio and processing open data;
  • Technical tips for successful open data hackathon - sharing my observations as a mentor at HackFMI and giving some recommendations which will help the alleged open data contest make a difference not being just another dull event organized by governmental agencies.

So far other confirmed speakers are Rado from HackBulgaria/ HackFMI and which are working in the field of open government and open data.

I'm also in touch with the event organizers and helping a little bit with the program. If you're interested in speaking please get in touch with me ASAP.

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