Unit Testing Example - Bad Stub Design in DNF

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Fri 25 September 2015

In software testing, usually unit testing, test stubs are programs that simulate the behaviors of external dependencies that a module undergoing the test depends on. Test stubs provide canned answers to calls made during the test.

I've discovered an improperly written stub method in one of DNF's tests:

class DownloadCommandTest(unittest.TestCase):
    def setUp(self):
        def stub_fn(pkg_spec):
            if '.src.rpm' in pkg_spec:
                return Query.filter(sourcerpm=pkg_spec)
                q = Query.latest()
                return [pkg for pkg in q if pkg_spec == pkg.name]

        cli = mock.MagicMock()
        self.cmd = download.DownloadCommand(cli)
        self.cmd.cli.base.repos = dnf.repodict.RepoDict()

        self.cmd._get_query = stub_fn
        self.cmd._get_query_source = stub_fn

The replaced methods look like this:

    def _get_query(self, pkg_spec):
        """Return a query to match a pkg_spec."""
        subj = dnf.subject.Subject(pkg_spec)
        q = subj.get_best_query(self.base.sack)
        q = q.available()
        q = q.latest()
        if len(q.run()) == 0:
            msg = _("No package " + pkg_spec + " available.")
            raise dnf.exceptions.PackageNotFoundError(msg)
        return q

    def _get_query_source(self, pkg_spec):
        """"Return a query to match a source rpm file name."""
        pkg_spec = pkg_spec[:-4]  # skip the .rpm
        nevra = hawkey.split_nevra(pkg_spec)
        q = self.base.sack.query()
        q = q.available()
        q = q.latest()
        q = q.filter(name=nevra.name, version=nevra.version,
                     release=nevra.release, arch=nevra.arch)
        if len(q.run()) == 0:
            msg = _("No package " + pkg_spec + " available.")
            raise dnf.exceptions.PackageNotFoundError(msg)
        return q

As seen here stub_fn replaces the _get_query methods from the class under test. At the time of writing this has probably seemed like a good idea to speed up writing the tests.

The trouble is we should be replacing the external dependencies of _get_query (other parts of DNF essentially) and not methods from DownloadCommand. To understand why this is a bad idea check PR #113, which directly modifies _get_query. There's no way to test this patch with the current state of the test.

So I took a few days to experiment and update the current test stubs. The result is PR #118. The important bits are the SackStub and SubjectStub classes which hold information about the available RPM packages on the system. The rest are cosmetics to fit around the way the query objects are used (q.available(), q.latest(), q.filter()). The proposed design correctly overrides the external dependencies on dnf.subject.Subject and self.base.sack which are initialized before our plugin is loaded by DNF.

I must say this is the first error of this kind I've seen in my QA practice so far. I have no idea if this was a minor oversight or something which happens more frequently in open source projects but it's a great example nevertheless.

For those of you who'd like to get started on unit testing I can recommend the book The Art of Unit Testing: With Examples in .Net by Roy Osherove!

UPDATE: Part 2 with more practical examples can be found here.

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