Revamping Anaconda's Dogtail Tests

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Fri 20 November 2015

In my previous post I briefly talked about running anaconda from a git checkout. My goal was to rewrite tests/gui/ so that they don't use a LiveCD and virtual machines anymore. I'm pleased to announce that this is already done (still not merged), see PR#457.

The majority of the changes are just shuffling bits around and deleting unused code. The existing UI tests were mostly working and only needed minor changes. There are two things which didn't work and are temporarily disabled:

  • Clicking the Help button results in rhbz#1282432, which in turn may be hiding another bug behind it;
  • Looping over the available languages resulted in AT-SPI NonImplementedError which I'm going to debug next.

To play around with this make sure you have accessibility enabled and:

# cd anaconda/
# export top_srcdir=`pwd`
# setenforce 0
# cd tests/gui/
# ./

Note: you also need Dogtail for Python3 which isn't officially available yet. I'm building from

My future plans are to figure out how to re-enable what is temporarily disabled, update to properly start gnome-session and enable accessibility, do a better job cleaning up after a failure, enable coverage and hook everything into make ci.

Happy testing!

tags: QA, fedora.planet

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