Blog Migration: from Octopress to Pelican

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Wed 25 November 2015

Finally I have migrated this blog from Octopress to Pelican. I am using the clean-blog theme with modifications.

See the pelican_migration branch for technical details. Here's the summary:

  • I removed pretty much everything that Octopress uses, only left the content files;
  • I've added my own CSS overrides;
  • I had several Octopress pages, these were merged and converted into blog posts;
  • In Octopress all titles had quotes, which were removed using sed;
  • Octopress categories were converted to Pelican tags and removed quotes around them, again using sed;
  • Manually updated Octopress's {% codeblock %} and {% blockquote %} tags to match Pelican syntax. This is the biggest content change;
  • I was trying to keep as much as the original URLs as possible. ARTICLE_URL, ARTICLE_SAVE_AS, TAG_URL, TAG_SAVE_AS, FEED_ALL_ATOM and TAG_FEED_ATOM are the relevant settings. For 50+ posts I had to manually specify the Slug: variable so that they match existing Octopress URLs. Verifying the resulting names was as simple as diffing the file listings from both Octopress and Pelican. NOTE: The fedora.planet tag changed its URL because there's no way to assign slugs for tags in Pelican. The new URL is missing the dot! Luckily I make use of this only in one place which was manually updated!

I've also found a few bugs and missing functionality:

  • There's no rake new_post counterpart in Pelican. See Issue 1410 and commit 6552f6f. Thanks Kevin Decherf;
  • As far as I can tell the preview server doesn't regenerate files automatically. Do make regenerate and make serve in two separate shells. Thanks Kevin Decherf;
  • Pelican will merge code blocks and quotes which follow one after another but are separated with a newline in Markdown. This makes it visually impossible to distinguish code from two files, or quotes from two people, which are published without any other comments in between. See Markdown-No-Lazy-BlockQuote-Extension and Markdown-No-Lazy-Code-Extension;
  • The syntax doesn't allow to specify filename or a quote title when publishing code blocks and quotes. Octopress did that easily. I will be happy with something like :::python See PR #445;
  • There's no way to specify slugs for tag URLs in order to keep compatibility with existing URLs, see Issue 1873.

I will be filling Issues and pull requests for both Pelican and the clear-blog theme in the next few days so stay tuned!

UPDATED 2015-11-26: added links to issues, pull requests and custom extensions.

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