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a testing technique by MentorMate

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Mon 24 October 2016

Recently I've attended a presentation by MentorMate where they talked about testing CSS animations ( video in Bulgarian ). The software under test was an ad tech SDK which provides CSS based animations to mobile apps and games. The content is displayed inside a webview and they had to make sure animations were working correctly on different OS and devices.

Analyzing the content (aka getting to know the domain) they figured out in reality there were about 20 basic movements and transformations. So the problem was reduced to "How do we test these 20 basic movements under various OSes and devices" or "How do we verify that basic CSS transformations are supported under different versions and flavors of the OS"?

Their test bed included hand crafted web pages with each basic movement and then several ones with more complex animations (aka integration testing). The idea was to load these pages under different devices and inspect whether or not the animations were visualized properly.

A test script (aka their testing framework) was constantly recording the coordinates of the elements under test to verify that they were really animated. The idea was to use a sample rate of 20ms and expect at lest 20 different changes to the element under test. Coordinates along with color and gradient were recorded and then returned back and analyzed to report a PASS or FAIL result.

This simplistic framework has limitations of course. It is not currently checking the boundaries of where the elements are rendered on the screen. Thus if everything else works as expected this will be a false positive result. On their slides this can be seen at 23:10.

As a side note the entire effort took about 2 days, including research and preparing the test content.

I really like the back to basics approach here and the simplistic framework that MentorMate came up with. Sure it misses some problems but for that particular case it is good enough, easy and fast to implement.

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