Top 7 Lessons From 134 Books

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Posted by Alexander Todorov on Sun 28 May 2017

This post is a quick summary of the Top 7 Lessons From 134 Books video by the OnePercentBetter YouTube channel. I am posting it as self reference and because I'm interested to know what works for my readers.

Lesson 1: Boost your happy chemicals

The essence of this is to get your 8 hours of sleep, exercise regularly and eat healthy.

Couple of years ago I was a sugar addict and stopped cold turkey. Then I tried fasting for a year, strictly following the religious calendar every day (wasn't that hard). Then I started doing some moderate exercise.

As boring as it may sound it does actually work. I still have my urges but I am feeling much more energetic right now. I am able to maintain concentration for longer periods and I am actually more productive.

Lesson 2: Forget self-help, be kind

Just be kind!

Lesson 3: Value your time

One of the lessons which very much resonates with me. I hate people who don't value their time, mostly because when I have to interact with such people they are also wasting my own time.

Not caring what others think about you also falls into this category.

Lesson 4: The 80/20 principle

80% of the returns come from 20% of the causes. Again one of my favorites which I learned from The 4-Hour workweek by Tim Ferris.

This principle can be applied to every aspect of our lives to maximize the returns. I still not very good at applying it (I think) but I'm trying to figure it out.

Lesson 5: Learn how to win friends and influence people

This is from another favorite book of mine. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Just read the book!

Lesson 6: Create, don't consume

It is only when we start creating that opportunities start coming our way! I can confirm this from experience. It is because of this blog, my open source work on GitHub, my teaching work and my speaking engagements that people contact me every day with opportunities and work related proposals.

Sure you need the skills to back those up, but the strange thing about creating is that it actually improves these very same skills (plus teaches you a few other) and that helps you deliver on the new opportunities that just came up. It's like an enchanted circle but a good one!

Lesson 7: Mind over matter

No drama, please. There are events in our lives which we can't control. Why then bother worrying about them and spending energy? The only thing we can do is choose how to react when these events happen. I'm not saying don't care about anything but rather care more selectively and spend more energy on the things that matter.

Bonus: 7 more lessons

OnePercentBetter made a new video called 7 Unconventional Lessons From 179 Books (NOT Taught At SCHOOL) which adds the following lessons:

  1. Future blindness - people sucks at predicting the future. If you want to know what it is really like to be in somebody's position just ask them.
  2. The 1% rule - small improvements applied continuously over a period of time have drastic effects.
  3. University is a scam - this one is controversial but the idea is that information is everywhere and accessible for free and opportunities are ripe. You don't (always) need to go to university to become successful.
  4. Don't give a fuck - what people think about you
  5. Mentorship is the fast-track to success - find a mentor to speed up your learning, your success rate, etc, learn from other people's mistakes instead of committing them on your own. I will also add learn how to and become a mentor yourself.
  6. Direct your efforts - set a goal and work towards it every single day. This gives meaning to everything you do.
  7. Pseudoscience can be beneficial - sometimes we don't have strong scientific proof that something is beneficial but experience tells us it probably is. Don't rush to decisions, analyze the risks and potential benefits before jumping in but do keep an eye on new methods and techniques. If they seem to work why not reap the benefits before the masses ?

Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment and give me your feedback!

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