Call to Action: Improving Overall Test Coverage in Fedora

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Fri 28 February 2014

Around Christmas 2013 I said

... it looks like on average 30% of the packages execute their test suites at build time in the %check section and less than 35% have test suites at all! There’s definitely room for improvement and I plan to focus on this during 2014!

I've recently started working on this goal by first identifying potential offending packages and discussing the idea on Fedora's devel, packaging and test mailing lists.

May I present you nearly 2000 packages which need your love:

The intent for these pages is to serve as a source of working material for Fedora volunteers.

How Can I Help

  • Join upstream and create a test suite for a package you find interesting;
  • Provide patches - first patch came in less than 30 minutes of initial announcement :);
  • Review packages in the wiki and help identify false negatives;
  • Forward to people who may be interested to work on these items;
  • Share and promote in your local open source and developer communities;


If you would like to gain some open source practice and QA experience I will happily provide mentorship and general help so you can start working on Fedora. Just ping me!

tags: Fedora, QA

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