python-libs in RHEL 7.2 broke SSL verification in s3cmd

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Tue 24 November 2015

Today started with Planet Sofia Valley being broken again. Indeed it's been broken since last Friday when I've upgraded to the latest RHEL 7.2. I quickly identified that I was hitting Issue #647. Then I tried the git checkout without any luck. This is when I started to suspect that python-libs has been updated in an incompatible way.

After series of reported bugs, rhbz#1284916, rhbz#1284930, Python#25722, it was clear that was working according to RFC6125, that Amazon S3 was not playing nicely with this same RFC and that my patch proposal was wrong. This immediately had me looking upper in the stack at and s3cmd.

Indeed there was a change in which introduced two parameters, context and check_hostname, to HTTPSConnection.__init__. The change also supplied the logic which performs SSL hostname validation.

if not self._context.check_hostname and self._check_hostname:
        ssl.match_hostname(self.sock.getpeercert(), server_hostname)
    except Exception:

This looks a bit doggy as I don't quite understand the intention behind not PREDICATE and PREDICATE. Anyway to disable the validation you need both parameters set to False, which is PR #668.

Notice the two try-except blocks. This is in case we're running with a version that has a context but not the check_hostname parameter. I've found the inspect.getmembers function which can be used to figure out what parameters are there for the init method but a solution based on it doesn't appear to be more elegant. I will describe this in more details in my next post.

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