How I Created a Website In Two Days Without Coding

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Wed 31 July 2013

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This is a simple story about a website I helped create without using any programming at all. It took me two days because of the images and the logo design which I've commissioned to a friend.

The website is which is a re-seller business my spouse runs. It specializes in large size, elegant ladies shoes - Europe size 41 plus (hard to find in Bulgaria), hence the name.

Required Functionality

  • Display a catalog of items for sale with detailed information about each item;
  • Make it possible for people to comment and share the items;
  • Very basic shopping cart which stores the selected items and then redirects to a page with order instructions. Actual order is made via phone for several reasons which I will explain in another post;
  • Add a feedback/contact form;
  • Look nice on mobile devices.


  • The website is static, all pages are simple HTML and is hosted in Amazon S3;
  • Comments are provided by Facebook's Comments Box plug-in;
  • Social media buttons and tracking are provided by AddThis;
  • Visitors analytics is standard and is from Google Analytics;
  • Template is from GitHub Pages with slight modifications; Works on mobile too;
  • Logo is custom designed by my friend Polina Valerieva;
  • Feedback/contact form is by UserVoice;
  • Shopping cart is by simpleCart(js). I've created a simple animation effect when pressing the "ADD TO CART" link to visually alert the user. This is done with jQuery.

I could have used some JavaScript templating engine like Handlebars but at the time I didn't know about it and I prefer not to write JavaScript if possible :).


I did some coding after the initial release eventually. I've transformed the website to a Django based site which is exported as static HTML.

This helps me with faster deployment/management as everything is stored in git, allows templates inheritance and also makes the site ready to add more functionality if required.

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