3 New Python Markdown extensions

Posted by Alexander Todorov on Thu 26 November 2015

I've managed to resolve several of my issues with Python-Markdown behaving not quite as I expect. I have the pleasure to announce three new extensions which now power this blog.

No Lazy BlockQuote Extension

Markdown-No-Lazy-BlockQuote-Extension makes it possible blockquotes separated by newline to be rendered separately. If you want to include empty lines in your blockquotes make sure to prefix each line with >. The standard behavior can be seen in GitHub while the changed behavior is visible in this article. Notice how on GitHub both quotes are rendered as one big block, while here they are two separate blocks.

No Lazy Code Extension

Markdown-No-Lazy-Code-Extension allows code blocks separated by newline to be rendered separately. If you want to include empty lines in your code blocks make sure to indent them as well. The standard behavior can be seen on GitHub while the improved one in this post. Notice how GitHub renders the code in the Warning Bugs Present section as one block while in reality these are two separate blocks from two different files.

Bugzilla Extension

Markdown-Bugzilla-Extension allows for easy references to bugs. Strings like [bz#123] and [rhbz#456] will be converted into links.

All three extensions are available on PyPI!

Bonus: Codehilite with filenames in Markdown

The standard Markdown codehilite extension doesn't allow to specify filename on the :::python shebang line while Octopress did and I've used the syntax on this blog in a number of articles. The fix is simple, but requires changes in both Markdown and Pygments. See PR #445 for the initial version and ongoing discussion. Example of the new :::python settings.py syntax can be seen here.

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